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Big Marble Farms is a premium Canadian greenhouse grower and marketer of fresh produce. The website we developed for them showcases the brand and high-quality products with beautiful imagery and detailed information about the company's growing practices and sustainability initiatives. All facets of the Tugboat brand and web development team were leveraged in the process of creating the website, setting up a case study and experience illustrating how Big Marble Farms is redefining the Canadian produce industry that wrote itself.

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The brief

The creative brief for the Big Marble Farms website development project outlined the objectives, target audience, brand personality, and key messaging for the site. It also included specific design and functionality requirements, such as brand colours, imagery, and navigation elements, as well as desired tone and style.

Additionally, technical considerations, such as requirements for hosting, security, and search engine optimization we specified. For Big Marble Farms, our brief served as a roadmap for the website development process and ensured that our goals and vision were properly understood and executed.

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UI design & development

The design development phase of the Big Marble Farms website was a comprehensive and exhaustive process that leveraged creative elements from all corners of the brand. The design team used packaging, product, and site photography as well as mood boards to inform the look and feel of the site. The resulting design is a stunning showcase of the brand's high-quality products and sustainability initiatives.

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Integration and drupal capabilities

The Tugboat development team took full advantage of the dynamic features available with the Drupal framework when building the Big Marble Farms website. By using Drupal's powerful content management system, the team was able to create a flexible and scalable platform that can easily be updated with new content and functionality as the brand grows. They leveraged Drupal's custom module development capabilities to build features specific to the needs of the Big Marble Farms site, such as a custom product catalog and a sustainability reporting tool.

Additionally, the team integrated various Drupal modules to enhance the user experience, including modules for search engine optimization, social media integration, and responsive design. By taking advantage of Drupal's robust features, the Tugboat development team was able to deliver a high-quality website that meets the unique needs of Big Marble Farms.

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Dynamic video integration

The Big Marble Farms website capitalizes on video display by integrating custom video content throughout the site. The videos provide an immersive experience for users, showcasing the beauty of the greenhouse, the harvesting process, and the dedication of the farmers. The video content is prominently displayed on the homepage and throughout the site, adding visual interest and creating an emotional connection with the brand. The custom video integration not only enhances the user experience but also reinforces the brand's commitment to quality and transparency in its farming practices. The result is a website that stands out in the industry and provides a unique, engaging experience for users.

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Redhat landing page

The landing page developed to illustrate the brand change from Redhat Co-op to Big Marble Farms provides a clear and concise explanation of the transition. The page features a prominent header and visual elements that reflect the new brand identity, while also acknowledging the history of the Redhat Co-op.

The landing page details the reasons behind the rebrand and highlights the benefits that the new brand brings to the customers. The page also includes links to other areas of the Big Marble Farms website, making it easy for users to navigate to other content related to the brand.

Overall, the landing page provides users with the necessary context for the brand transition and showcases the new Big Marble Farms identity in a professional and informative manner.

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  • redhat landing page redhat landing page
Visit the Big Marble Farms Website

Explore the Big Marble Farms website to discover the premium produce, engaging content, and immersive experience that sets this Canadian greenhouse grower apart from the rest!

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