RX Networks case study header banner - wireframe mountains
RX Networks case study header banner - wireframe mountains
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RX Networks

Rx Networks is a technology company that provides location-based GNSS data services and products to various industries such as automotive, transportation, and telecommunications. Recently, Tugboat Group undertook the task of designing a new web site for Rx Networks. The main objective of the project was to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website that accurately represents Rx Networks' products and services while showcasing the company's brand and industry vision. The result was a modern, intuitive website that effectively communicates Rx Networks' unique value proposition and global leadership in the location-based data services industry.

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The challenge

One of the primary challenges that Tugboat Group faced in building the Rx Networks website was developing use cases that catered to both the highly technical software engineers and GNSS scientists, as well as middle managers who were responsible for managing these complex projects. The technical nature of the company's products and services required the Tugboat team to develop a deep understanding of GNSS technology, software engineering, and related technical jargon. This posed a significant challenge in communicating the company's value proposition and offerings in a way that would be easily understandable by both engineers and middle managers.

The Tugboat Group team had to engage in extensive research and collaboration with Rx Networks' team to develop a clear understanding of their products, services, and the complex technology behind them. This required a significant amount of effort, including several meetings and workshops, as well as thorough documentation and communication to ensure that the website accurately represented Rx Networks' technical expertise and offerings. Overall, the challenge of balancing technical accuracy with clear and concise communication was a critical aspect of building the Rx Networks website.

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Site map, content architecture + content development

The Rx Networks website development project was a success thanks to the careful attention paid to information architecture, user experience design, and content development. The previous brand work and extensive research conducted at the beginning of the project enabled Tugboat Group to establish a clear understanding of the target audience, industry trends, and competitors, which informed the development of an effective information architecture and user experience design. The Tugboat Group team demonstrated strong leadership throughout the project, leveraging their technical expertise to ensure that the website effectively integrated Rx Networks' products and services while providing an intuitive user experience for engineers and middle managers.

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Graphic User Interface Design

The GUI design of the Rx Networks website was a critical factor in effectively communicating the company's brand and technical expertise to its target audience. The desired look and feel for the website was unique, graphically rich, and thematically connected to GNSS engineering and the high stakes technology development at the leading edge of positioning innovation. To achieve this, Tugboat Group leveraged its design expertise to develop a modern and visually appealing UI design that incorporated motion, animations, and high-quality imagery.

The thematic connection to GNSS engineering was established through the use of images and graphics that showcased the technology and its applications in various industries, such as telecommunications and IoT. The GUI design was also designed to be user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to navigate. The Tugboat Group team paid attention to the details, ensuring that the typography, color palette, and iconography were consistent and effective in communicating the company's brand vision.

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Content management background
Content Management

The decision to build the Rx Networks website on the Drupal framework was a strategic one that offered several benefits in terms of content management. Drupal is a powerful content management system (CMS) that enables website owners to manage and update their website's content easily. The platform offers a wide range of features and functionality that enable the creation of dynamic and engaging web pages that are optimized for search engines and mobile devices.

One of the main benefits of Drupal content management is its scalability. Drupal can handle large volumes of content and traffic, making it a suitable platform for companies that anticipate growth and expansion in the future. Additionally, Drupal offers robust security features that protect against hacking and data breaches, ensuring the safety and privacy of user data. Drupal's modular architecture enables the Tugboat team to add custom functionality and features to the website quickly and easily as required.

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Drupal is well-suited for internationalization, making it an ideal platform for global companies like Rx Networks. The Tugboat team's successful deployment of a secure, managed version of the Rx Networks website hosted on the AWS China network is a testament to our technical expertise and ability to manage international deployments. Deploying a website in China requires a working understanding of the country's unique digital landscape, including its regulatory environment and technical infrastructure. By leveraging Drupal's internationalization capabilities and their own technical expertise, the Tugboat team was able to deliver a website that effectively communicates Rx Networks' global reach and technical expertise to users around the world, including those in China.

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Take a moment to visit the Rx Networks website now and see the future of GNSS data services technology in action!

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