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Unicorecom is a GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) hardware manufacturer that specializes in developing and manufacturing high-precision positioning and navigation systems. The company provides a range of GNSS receivers, antennas, and other related hardware solutions for a variety of applications, including surveying, mapping, precision agriculture, and autonomous driving. Unicorecom is a sister company to Rx Networks, a leading provider of GNSS data services.

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The challenge

To manage and facilitate North American hardware sales, Rx Networks needed to create a website that promoted Unicore's hardware while preserving Rx Networks' ambiguous message to like manufacturers seeking data corrections. The challenge for Tugboat Group in building this website was to strike a balance between promoting Unicore's hardware while ensuring that the site did not detract from Rx Networks' message of providing reliable GNSS data services. This required careful consideration of the website's structure, content and design to ensure that both companies were appropriately represented and that the site provided a clear and compelling message to potential customers. The end result was a website strategy that effectively promoted Unicore's hardware while maintaining Rx Networks' position as a leading provider of GNSS data services.

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Rx Networks Mirrored Unicore Microsite

The winning information architecture strategy for the Unicore and Rx Networks project involved creating a microsite that mirrored the structure of the Rx Networks website. This microsite was designed to promote Unicore's hardware specifically for North American sales, while preserving the Rx Networks brand and messaging for their data services products. The main benefit of this strategy is that it allows for a clear separation of the two companies' offerings, so that potential customers are not confused or misled about the products and services being offered.

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By keeping the two brands separate, the microsite ensures that Unicore's hardware can be promoted effectively without detracting from Rx Networks' data services. At the same time, the microsite also allows customers to easily navigate between the two companies' offerings, so that they can find the products and services they need quickly and easily. Overall, this strategy provides a clear and effective solution for promoting Unicore's hardware while maintaining the integrity of the Rx Networks brand and messaging.

Unicore's North American Product Lineup

The Unicorecom website showcases a range of high-precision GNSS receivers and modules that are designed to meet the needs of various industries and applications. Each product page includes a detailed summary of the specifications and performance statistics of the receiver or module, giving customers a clear understanding of what they can expect in terms of accuracy, reliability, and functionality. In addition, the website maintains a reference to the predecessors of the next-generation chips, providing customers with a clear understanding of the evolution of the Unicorecom product line.

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Each product page also highlights the ideal applications that the receiver or module is suited for, making it easy for customers to identify which product is best suited for their specific use case. Whether customers are looking for receivers for surveying, mapping, precision agriculture, or autonomous driving, the Unicorecom website offers a comprehensive range of hardware solutions that can meet their needs. By providing detailed information about the products and their applications, the website helps customers make informed purchasing decisions, ultimately leading to greater satisfaction and success in their projects.

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Documentation on Demand

The Unicorecom website provides detailed information about their high-precision GNSS receivers and modules, including specifications, performance statistics, and ideal applications. However, in order for customers to determine if these products are suitable for their specific use case, they may need access to more comprehensive performance details. To obtain this information, prospects are required to provide their contact details and can then download data performance sheets and reports.

This approach serves as a tactic for lead development, as it creates a marketable lead for the Unicorecom Rx team to follow up on. By providing prospects with the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions, Unicorecom can increase the likelihood of customer satisfaction and success in their projects.

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See the end results

The Rx Networks and Unicorecom websites are growing in scope and scale. Check back often to see what's new:

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