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March 11, 2023 Steve Gallagher
Unicore Precision, by Application

Tugboat Group recently updated the Rx Networks managed Unicore Communications website to incorporate an innovative feature that categorizes their high precision GNSS chips and modules based on application. This update aims to enhance user experience by simplifying the search for positioning solutions tailored to specific industries and use cases. By organizing their products in this manner, Unicore Communications provides users with a direct connection to the product or component designed for their unique application.

The rationale behind this update is rooted in the acknowledgment of the diverse range of industries that rely on high precision GNSS technology. Different applications require specific solutions, and categorizing products accordingly streamlines the process for users seeking positioning solutions. This approach ensures that users can easily navigate the website and find the most suitable product category for their specific needs, saving them time and effort.

The overall user experience on the Unicore Communications website has been significantly improved. Users can now effortlessly navigate through the site and quickly locate the product category that corresponds to their application.


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The introduction of application-based categorization allows Unicore Communications to cater to the unique requirements of diverse industries. By providing tailored solutions, they ensure that each sector can easily find the precise GNSS products designed explicitly for their use case. This personalized approach not only improves customer satisfaction but also solidifies Unicore Communications' position as a trusted provider of high precision GNSS technology across multiple sectors.

The new feature synergizes effectively with digital marketing tactics and inbound funnels. By implementing targeted marketing campaigns, Unicore Communications can direct potential customers to the relevant product categories based on their application. This seamless integration between categorization, marketing strategies, and inbound funnels creates a smooth customer journey, resulting in increased sales, lead generation, and overall business growth.

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The update enhances the visibility and discoverability of Unicore Communications' products. The structured categorization based on application enables search engines to index the website more effectively, leading to higher rankings and increased organic traffic. As a result, Unicore Communications can reach a wider audience and attract potential customers who are actively seeking positioning solutions for their specific applications.

Unicore Communications' implementation of application-based product categorization on their website demonstrates their commitment to enhancing user experience and simplifying the process of finding suitable positioning solutions. This update not only streamlines the customer journey but also provides tailored solutions for diverse industries, synergizes digital marketing efforts, and improves product visibility. Ultimately, it positions Unicore Communications as a reliable provider of high precision GNSS technology, leading to increased sales opportunities and business growth.