Paramount home and design title page
July 24, 2023 Steve Gallagher
Shopify meets Tugify

At Tugboat Group, innovation is where our expertise truly shines (with a side of ingenuity). Our latest endeavour with Paramount Home and Design’s website build exemplifies this spirit. Paramount isn't merely about exquisite furniture design concepts; it's about delivering an unmatched user experience. This vision was our prime directive as we developed Paramount’s strategy for a customized Shopify retail experience.


Shopify Backend


Shopify is celebrated for its versatility, yet it can sometimes pose limitations, particularly in its theme designs and content archetypes. How could our team transform a platform, often bound by its predefined configurations, into a bespoke digital experience worthy of the Paramount brand? Themes, the quintessential building blocks of Shopify, were first up. Instead of adhering strictly to off-the-shelf designs, we delved into the foundational code and reimagined page constructs to mirror a presentation commensurate with sophisticated furniture retail.


Custom Coding


The Tugboat GUI and Development team went beyond aesthetic alterations. Content, after all, dictates the narrative of a brand. Complex product listings and routine catalogue types would not achieve the refined simplicity Paramount’s brand required. We designed and crafted custom content types, making it possible to showcase their diverse product range and rich design philosophy in an artistically simple manner.

This enhancement was not just about quantity but about augmenting depth, dimension, and interactivity.

Custom Theme


Functionality stood at the forefront of our customization endeavours.This quest wasn't confined to using Shopify's standard toolkit; it was about expanding it. Our developers integrated a suite of unique features, from meticulously refined product filters tailored for Paramount's discerning clientele, to a clean brand gallery, ensuring every user touchpoint was attached to the global brands represented.

The unveiling of Paramount Home and Design’s website was not merely a project completion tick mark for us. It was a testament to the fusion of our team’s technical acumen and unwavering dedication. A digital blend of innovation and custom coding, the website is an excellent example of what's achievable when we challenge the status quo. 


Shopify Bilingual


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Paramount Home and Design for entrusting us with the design and development of their digital showroom and storefront, and invite readers to explore the site directly. 

For more perspective on the creative approach applied to the visual theme of the Paramount Home and Design website, visit our post at here.